Data Center Facilities

AU Data Center

The Amaze datacenter in Sydney, Australia.

AU Data Center
The Best Loading Speeds for Your Sites in Australia and Oceania

Having spent a long time of careful searching, we've finally identified and settled at an Australia located datacenter that fully–matches our high requirements as related to connectivity, power and cooling options. The Amaze datacenter, Amaze, situated in the heart of Australia's most popular city – Sydney.

Using the Australia located datacenter, it is possible to take pleasure from top web site loading speeds for the websites you've hosted there. Furthermore, as we were allowed to create our very own internal network, we do guarantee you a 99.9% network uptime for every site as well as server that is in the Australia located datacenter.

At the Australia located datacenter we offer Linux cloud website hosting, VPS hosting, semi-dedicated hosting packages. This way, whether you're looking to host an individual site, for instance, a blog, a portfolio, a tiny Internet store, a big corporate web site, a media–rich site and even a development server – we’ve got your back!

AU Cloud Hosting Platform
Cloud Website Hosting Australia

In the Australia located datacenter you will also find standard Linux cloud website hosting packages. They are the best choice if you intend to host an uncomplicated personal site and do not want to pay a lot of money. All Cloud Website Hosting Australia packages provide you with unlimited disk space and traffic quotas to let your website evolve unreservedly. Furthermore, all Cloud Website Hosting Australia packages are provided with our Control Panel.

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AU VPS Hosting

With our Australia located datacenter, you can host all sorts of traffic and memory–hungry websites. We give you a wide selection of VPS Hosting packages, so you’ll be able to choose the one that best suits your ever–growing needs. All VPS plans come with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and involve no server setup fees whatsoever. Also, our staff of skilled admins creates weekly offsite backup copies to guarantee the safety of your information.

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OpenVZ Virtuozzo Containers
UK Data Center Optimal Route Selection
AU Semi-dedicated Hosting

Enjoy hosting your website on an efficient semi-dedicated server in our Australian data center. The facility features great worldwide web connectivity to all countries from Asia and Australia itself, which often can help improve the overall interest in your electronic store or services business. All Linux semi-dedicated packages within our Australian data center provide 99.9% service uptime and 99.9% network uptime warranties.

Aside from our uptime guarantee, you'll also find a huge selection of absolutely free bonuses, which range from a free IP address to a a range of website accelerators. All of the Linux semi-dedicated packages are equipped with fast SSD drives, allowing for quicker file read/write times, leading to enhanced website and web app performance.

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